LAB Associates supplies all the equipment used in a plant tissue culture laboratory starting in the media-preparation room through the plant cutting room throughout your growthrooms. All appparatus, commenly used are supplied by us.

 Glassbead steriliser NEW


We introduce our new glassbead steriliser.

This model has a display where you can freely change the temperature to your circumstances.
You will have a constant read out of the actual temperature

 Media preparator

Within 1 program you can freely choose the sterilization- and dispensing temperature, as wel as the time for sterilizing, heating up and cooling down-cleaning program operates in a way that between the batches the medium preparator + all valves with sterile steam are cleaned, so that you can be assured of clean and sterile new medium. Also the dispensing line can be steam sterilized.


L75 autoclaaf

Make media in an Autoclave.
Content: 75, 110 and 150 litre.

The autoclave can easily be opened and closed by means of the central cover lock. After filling and closing of the autoclave, the sterilizing time and temperature can be set. By pushing the start button the programm will work automatically. The end of the programm is marked via an acoustic signal.

 Presto cooker

Simple aluminum sterilizing pan with double pressure adjustment by weight for 115 and 121 degrees C.
Content 23 litres.
The presto cooker is suitable for heating by either gas or electricity.

As option there is:
* 2000 W. electrical heating






























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All previous pricelists are herewith cancelled.
Januari 2014