Optimize the growing environment with a growth cabinet

While performing plant research, scientists like to experiment with different growth conditions for their crops. However, to be able to perform high level research, they need to be able to control the growing environment of the plants and understand how the changes in light, air and temperature effect their growth. Plant growth cabinets are devices that allow such precise climate conditions, on a small and efficient scale. The scientists can control the growth conditions while the plants are growing in petri dishes or other culture vessels.

Furthermore, these growth chambers also allow researchers to duplicate experiments to confirm them by simulating the environmental variables of original studies.

Vandersluys plant growth cabinet

Our Vandersluys plant growth cabinets, or growth chambers, provide a great solution for both plant research laboratories and small plant tissue culture laboratories. Currently, we can provide our growth cabinets with top illumination or side illumination and in two volumes: 550L or 1,100L

Vandersluys growth chamber 550 L

Vandersluys growth chamber 550 L

Vandersluys growth chamber 1100 L

Vandersluys growth chamber 1100 L


Designed with end-users in mind, our growth chambers are designed in a way that users will have the best equipment they need for all their research purposes.


We designed our growth chambers with removable and adjustable racks to cope with different plants height or grow stages.

LED technology with interchangeable light canopies and multiple densities and spectrum. On top of that, this advanced modular LED system allows customizable light settings and even light distribution over the whole growth cabinet.

Maximum control

Our growth cabinets allow users to control many environmental conditions including temperature, light, humidity, airflow.

Additionally, the growth cabinets monitor all factors in real-time and even provide users with automatic remote notifications.

Reliability and ease-of-use

We construct our growth chambers with only the highest quality components. Both the exterior and interior are stainless steel for maximum resistance against corrosion and easy cleaning.

All of our growth cabinets are plug-and-play, without any need for installation or configuration.