Lab Associates to exhibit at NVPW symposium autumn 2018 in Wageningen, the Netherlands

Lab Associates will be present at the NVPW symposium autumn 2018 to discuss its new steam-driven large-volume media preparators with a cycle time of 30 minutes (phase above 60 degrees Celsius). Our team will be present and can answer all of your questions. Next to that we will display some of our hottest PTC products, new product launches and our consultancy offering. Join us for a chat and coffee! Plant in earth

About NVPW

The Dutch Association for Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture (NVPW) aims to promote fundamental research on and the application of plant tissue culture. The NVPW was founded in 1981 and currently has about 350 members. These are employed by research and educational institutions and propagation, breeding, biotech and supply companies.

Every year two scientific meetings are organised. The spring and autumn symposiums. These consist of free contributions from members and include a poster session and product demonstrations. Summaries of the lectures are available before the symposium or can be downloaded.

About Lab Associates

Lab Associates has itself specialized as a global supplier for plant tissue culture and seed laboratories over the last 30 years. We can fully supply and stock any lab from start-ups to large scale production or R&D labs. Our products range covers equipment, cultivation consumables, biochemicals, media, gelling agents, and general supplies. Services we offer are: maintenance and repair, custom manufacturing, logistics, stock management, projects, lab start-up, and consultancy and training.