How to culture plantlets with less effort using conical tubes

People use glass test tubes extensively in many fields of science and plant tissue culture is not an exception; many plant tissue culture laboratory prefer to use glass tubes for their plant cells. However, they are still not the best for growing plants as it is hard to get the plantlets out. Plus, the long and narrow shape makes it difficult to clean and reuse the tubes. To tackle these problems, we came up with our conical tubes for plant tissue culture.

Innovative design for plant tissue culture 

These conical tubes are designed for plant tissue culture. Specifically, the tapered bottom design allows using even less grow medium compared to traditional glass tubes. Moreover, the tube is reduced in height and open wider to allow easy access to plant material. To compensate for the shorter tube, the cap is extended to make a total length of 130mm to create enough space for your plantlets to grow.

Less cleaning and more culturing

These conical tubes are made of polystyrene. Thus, they are disposable to save you the trouble of washing, cleaning and autoclaving. Additionally, they come in bags of 75 pieces and are pre-sterilized. As a result, all you need to do is open the bags under a laminar flow hood to help maintain sterility.




al plant tissue culture plastic tubes measurements


Storage solution for conical tubes

This 6 x 8 positions tray has been developed to guarantee easy handling and efficient storage of the conical tubes in most common growth racks (60 x 120 cm).

Made of acrylic glass, they are non-autoclavable, but can be cleaned easily with alcohol. The dimensions are 20 x 26.4 x 4 cm (W x D x H).

Conical tube tray 6x8 Vandersluys