The patented ‘Nic-In Systems®‘ has been developed to allow most tissue cultures to be planted in the nursery by automatic transplanters. By replacing normal culture vessels with the ‘Nic-In Systems®‘, PTC labs can increase the amount of plants per container up to 49, even though both containers use approximately the same amount of room in the laboratory. This has improved the efficiency in growth chambers, because these labs can grow much more cultures, using the same amount of space and energy. The same savings apply to shipping costs, because users can ship more plants in the same boxes.

Key specifications:

  • Material: injection molded polypropylene
  • Dimensions vessel: 135 x 115 x 65 mm 
  • Dimensions tray: 120 x 100 x 15 mm (without handles) 
  • Dimension single cell: 17 x 14 x 15 mm 

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The Nic-In Systems® tray has 49 plant positions

The Nic-In Systems® tray has 49 plant positions.

Key benefits of the Nic-In Systems® are among others:

  • Reduce contamination rates
    • Reduce the contamination rates in the laboratory, because the lids have a raised section, which the operator grabs to take the lid of and on and therefore does not have their hands near the lip of the lid, which is a source of contamination.
  • Greater protection during transport
    • The design gives the tissue cultures greater protection during transport, so heavy knocks will not damage them. 
  • Consistent quantities
    • Eliminate the uncertainty of the exact quantity of plants in each container. If every cell has a plant in it, there are 49 plants. Current systems of random planting lead to discrepancies.
  • Automate transplanting
    • Replace high labor cost manual transplanting with automated planting and reduce tissue culture labor planting costs by as much as 60-80%​.


  • Consistent planting depth
    • The tissue cultures will all be planted into the soil at the exact depth required. Manually this is difficult to achieve with different operators.
  • Reduced root disturbance
    • Automatic transplanters will plant the tissue cultures with the plug of agar still surrounding their fragile root system, so therefore allowing for a “gentle” transformation from the agar to the soil. When the plants are planted manually they are pulled out of the agar, the remainder of the agar attached to the roots is removed and the fragile roots are pushed into the soil. The manual system does cause more damage to the fragile root system.
  • Increased business efficiency
    • Increases overall business efficiency through 60-80% reduction in labor cost, more even growth, 15-20% reduction in growing time, lower plant losses and improved space utilization.

Nic-In Systems container set

Nic-in system container set

Nic-In AutoGel®

Nic-In AutoGel® is a special agar developed to improve elasticity and strength of the gel to help with tissue culture transplanting. Its properties create a firmer plug, designed to hold together when gripped by the transplanting heads without breaking up. The cross-linking within this agar allows the transplanting of the tissue culture with the complete plug perfectly intact. This greatly reduces transplant shock, with the tissue culture continuing to feed off the agar even after being transferred to a different growth media.

Nic-In Jungle Juice®

Nic-In Jungle Juice® is an inoculum with a defined formulation of beneficial bacteria and fungi, which is extremely effective at stopping fungal infections on the agar in soil plugs. It also contains microbial growth enhancement compounds and minerals, to stimulate root growth. Designed to be used for all tissue cultures.

Nic-In Systems®

Nic-In Systems® automatically transplant the plant including agar plug.

About Nic-In Systems®

Nic-In Systems® is the commercial arm of the Nic-In technology responsible for overseeing the manufacturing of the Nic-In tray and container under licence, the specially formulated agar (Nic-In AutoGel®) giving improved elasticity and strength for automation and the beneficial plant inoculum (Nic-In Jungle Juice®). In addition, experienced ‘hands on’ consultancy is readily available worldwide in managing the technology and refining the commercial transplanting of tissue culture in the key industries. Please contact Lab Associates in case you need more information.

Nic-In Systems® patent protection

Goldfields Collection Pty Ltd has spent many years of research and development to develop the Nic-In Systems® and has gone to extensive lengths to protect its intellectual property. Multiple patents have been granted and/or applied for in over 33 countries. Further patents are being developed and applications lodged. For a detailed list of patents granted and applications in process please see here.

Goldfields Collection Pty Ltd will vigorously defend its intellectual property against infringement.

Video of Nic-In Systems®