We hope to see you at the 2019 SIVB meeting in June!

Lab Associates will be exhibiting at the Society for In Vitro Biology Meeting in Tampa, Florida. The SIVB meeting will be held from June 8th until June 12th and our team will be there to discuss about all your plant tissue culture laboratory related topics.

This international meeting program will focus on current trends and cutting edge topics in plant and animal biotechnology, and genomic editing. Our team will showcase many of our products and services that will help you optimize your plant tissue culture activities, including our new forceps. These forceps have been developed to assure some of the following benefits: they are light weighted, with a light grip, very easy to handle during your daily activities and have a high durability. Come visit our stand to test them yourself!

Besides these forceps, we will also showcase our cultivation consumables, agar, scalpel blades, sterilizers and much more!

In Vitro Biology Meeting

You want to know more?

Visit us at the Society for In Vitro Biology meeting at the Tampa Marriott Water Street from June 8th until June 12th or contact us at info@labassociates.com.

About Society for In Vitro Biology

The SIVB is a professional society devoted to fostering the exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues and organs from both plant and animals (including humans). The focus is on biological research, development, and applications of significance to science and society.

About Lab Associates

Lab Associates has itself specialized as a global supplier for plant tissue culture and seed laboratories over the last 30 years. We can fully supply and stock any lab from start-ups to large scale production or R&D labs. Our products range covers equipment, cultivation consumables, biochemicals, media, gelling agents, and general supplies. Services we offer are: consultancy, training, lab start-up, projects, maintenance and repair, custom manufacturing, stock management and logistics.