Leaf Carriers part of Lab Associates’ exhibit at GreenTech Amsterdam 

Lab Associates is set to exhibit at GreenTech 2023 in Amsterdam next week! Among the standout products is the Leaf Carrier cultivation trolley, developed by Bever Innovations, a leading provider known for their expertise in advanced LED lighting solutions.  

Stationed at stand number 05.314, we are proud to showcase this innovative solution, which features multiple available light spectra, intelligent dimming capabilities, and programmable day/night cycles. The cultivation trolley guarantees maximum yield and growth area per square meter, and it is easily mobile, flexible and plug-and-play. With a commitment to enhancing efficiency and productivity, the Leaf Carriers have been developed to offer high light uniformity and minimal heat. 

They are available in four different spectra, including red/blue spectrum and white “sunlike” spectrum, and in 7-, 10-, or 15-layers, allowing customers to optimize their space in growth rooms or nurseries. 

We welcome all attendees of GreenTech 2023 to come see the Leaf Carrier at our stand 05.314 in hall 5