Lab Associates is not just your supplier of plant science laboratories and plant-based industries. We put great emphasis on services as well. Due to over 35 years of experience and our network of specialized partners and experts in the field, we have created an extended knowledge base that we use to find the best possible solutions.

We offer 7 service types to maximize your results

Maintenance and repair


One of the most important aspects of your plant tissue culture and seed breeding laboratories is that all the equipment works well. Media preparators, autoclaves, sterilizers, and other equipment are expensive investments and in order to keep them functioning properly, you need to maintain them very well. Small errors could lead to catastrophic results in your lab. Therefore, we offer maintenance and repair services. Our team of technicians can help you with maintaining your equipment to make sure it works according to all the requirements of a plant tissue culture and seed breeding lab.

If your equipment does not function as it should, we can repair it for you as well. Both maintenance and repair can be done onsite or in our own workshop, depending on the nature of the activity. Our technicians will also answer your emails or assist you with a phone or video call. We will find out what the best suitable option for your specific situation is and consult this with you.

Our technicians are VCA/SCC certified as it is important for us that both our customers and technicians (can) work in a safe and healthy enviroment. SCC is the abbreviation for SHE (Safety, Health and the Environment) Checklist Contractors. This SCC system is a tried and tested programme in which various Dutch industrial sectors have bundled their 25 years of knowledge and experience. SCC certification lays the foundations for a safe and healthy work environment.

Custom manufacturing


Every lab is different and although we offer a wide range of laboratory equipment, disposables, necessities and biochemicals, sometimes a special situation needs a specific solution. If you need something that is not in our product offering, we will use our extended network to find it for you. Our technicians are also specialized in dealing with plant tissue culture and seed breeding laboratory equipment and are therefore able to customize it to meet your special demand.
Some possibilities for equipment customization:

  • Additional options for our media preparators
  • Adjust the volume of sterilizers and autoclaves
  • Adjust the wattage of equipment
  • Adjust water purification systems in a way that they are suitable to purify local tap or ground water

However, we do not limit ourselves to laboratory equipment. We can also provide you with customized solutions for e.g.

  • Glass culture tubes
  • Transportation trolleys and trays
  • Storage racks
  • Biochemicals



Lab Associates has a few hundred customers all over the world. Therefore, our experienced team is familiar with all the rules and formalities concerning import and export procedures. We arrange fast and reliable shipments from door-to-door, or to any other destination of your choosing. We have selected carriers for air, sea and road freight that will handle your order with great care. Furthermore, we will advise you on how to make a shipment as cost-efficient as possible. Do you need a fast delivery or have other special demands for your shipment? We will take care of it for you.



Lab Associates can be your partner and assist you with the execution of your plant tissue culture project from beginning to end. We will combine our extended network, experience and knowledge to assist you with:

  • Lab start-up, renovation, improvement and expansion
  • The procurement of equipment, furniture, disposables, instruments and other necessities
  • The installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Transportation and stock keeping
  • Training

Lab start-up


Are you planning to start a new laboratory? Lab Associates will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Starting a laboratory is a complex process, which requires expertise. We have over 30 years of experience and have seen many projects through successfully, such as:

  • The calculation of needed space and analyzing the requirements
  • Determining the ideal layout for your laboratory and create a floor plan
  • Finding and installing the right equipment, disposables and other necessities
  • Training on how to use and maintain equipment in your laboratory

Consultancy & training


Do you feel like the processes in your laboratory could be improved or that your employees could use some additional training? We have an extended knowledge base due to our international experience and we offer different consultancies and trainings in order to improve your laboratory.

Lab Associates offers consultancy/advice for:

  • Optimizing production and cost efficiency
  • Creating sterile environments
  • Choosing the right equipment, necessities and disposables

Lab Associates offers training for:

  • Media preparation
  • Basic maintenance and repair
  • Improvement of work processes
  • Using equipment

Stock management


Do you want to profit from our attractive quantity rebates, but don’t have the room to store it? We have a 1700 m² warehouse where we can store it for you.