Lab Associates to exhibit at VertiFarm Dortmund 2022

Following a great visit to IHC, we are glad to announce that our next trade fair will be VertiFarm! We hope you will join us in Dortmund from September 27th to 29th to explore next-level farming and innovative food systems.

Our team will be there to show how cutting-edge advancements in plant tissue culture and plant breeding can help your vertical farming business prosper. For instance, our inVenti⁺ cultivation vessels, which are designed to provide optimal air exchange while keeping your plantlets sterile. Furthermore, our team will be speaking at the Forum on plant tissue culture and how it can improve the results of your vertical farm.

Whether you are new to plant tissue culture or you are planning to set up a new laboratory/facility, our team will be able to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to visit our stand G16 in hall 5 for more information on the purpose and profitability of plant tissue culture in vertical farming!

Interested to visit VertiFarm? Please send us a DM or email for a ticket voucher.

About VertiFarm

VertiFarm is making its début as the first and only dedicated trade show for Vertical Farming & New Food Systems. The concept of vertical farming and New Food Systems has already become an issue of strategic global importance and is producing a vibrant developing market, with innovative start-ups and major corporations driving the development of vertical farming in cosmopolitan areas. The aim of New Food Systems is to maximize and secure yields – without neglecting ecological and social factors. VertiFarm is providing a platform for information and sales opportunities that are focused exclusively on vertical farming.

About Lab Associates

Lab Associates has specialized as a global supplier for plant science laboratories and plant-based industries over the last 30 years. We can fully supply and stock any lab from start-up to large-scale production or R&D labs. Our products range covers equipment, cultivation consumables, biochemicals, media, gelling agents, general supplies, and lab furniture. Consultancy, training, lab start-up, turnkey projects, maintenance and repair, custom manufacturing, stock management, and international shipping are some of the services we provide.