An agarose is a polysaccharide polymer material, generally extracted from seaweed. Agarose is great to work with because its chemical complexity is low. The interaction with biomolecules will therefore be less likely. Agarose is physically, chemically and thermally very stable and therefore preferred while working with nucleic acids and proteins.

Agarose also contains less impurities than agar and these impurities could affect the growth of organisms. Moreover, agarose is harder than agar and could therefore be preferred when a great gel strength is necessary. Another difference with agar is that it has a lower gelling temperature. Using agarose instead of agar may therefore prevent that cells endure a thermal shock if they are suspended in liquid before gelling.

At Lab Associates we can offer our customers different kinds of agarose from our suppliers, such as:

  • Agarose from Caisson Labs
  • Agarose SPI from Duchefa
  • Low melting Agarose PPC from Duchefa
  • Seaplaque agarose from Duchefa

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To ensure optimal growing conditions, each plant tissue needs a different mix of gelling agent, minerals and vitamins.

Agarose is extracted from seaweed. The gelmatrix formed by agarose is ideally suited for electrophoresis of nucleic acids.