Plant tissue culture labs are formed around the concept of providing the ideal growth circumstances for plants. Glass jars are suitable to grow cells into plant tissue and are used with a tailored medium composition for fast and strong growth. One of the most important things is to provide the right medium in which a plant can grow.

Years of research and development have often gone into determining what the right medium composition for a plant is. This medium is composed of all the required minerals, salts, vitamins, antibiotics etc. to help a plantlet grow as fast, strong and healthy as possible. When a more firm medium is required for plants to grow their roots in, labs use gelling agents like agar and gellan gum.

At Lab Associates we can offer you a wide range of ready-made plant tissue culture media from our suppliers Caisson Labs and Duchefa, such as:

  • Murashige & Skoog medium ex-/including vitamins
  • Anderson’s rhododendron
  • De Greef & Jacobs medium
  • DKW/Juglans medium
  • Gamborg B5 medium ex-/including vitamins
  • Linsmaier & Skoog medium
  • McCown Woody plant medium ex-/including vitamins
  • Nitsch medium ex-/including vitamins
  • Rugini olive medium

Media are used to create ideal circumstances for plant tissue culture. Media is prepared with agar, minerals and vitamins.

PTC in larger vessels needs more media. Our media preparators are ideal for producing media in a short amount of time.