Glass tubes make great reusable cultivation vessels

Glass tubes

Flat-bottomed glass tubes are our best-selling reusable cultivation vessels for single plant.

Glass jars are reusable thus are suitable cultivation vessels

Glass jars

Glass jars are the most popular choice for reusable cultivation vessels for multiple plants.

Glass jars

This is a specially developed glass jar form with a polypropylene twist-off cap. These glass jars and twist-off caps are autoclavable.

  • LA-GLASSJAR: lime glass jars with 38, 55 or 72 cl volume.
  • LA-TOCAP 82: transparent polypropylene twist-off cap (available separately).

Flat-bottom glass tubes

The flat bottom design allow these tubs to stay upright on a flat surface while you are working.
Our own-developed autoclavable polycarbonate caps are available separately.

Racks for plastic tubes

Storage accessories

Tube racks in different materials, sizes and colors. Compatible with glass tubes with diameter up to 25mm.