LA-fully automatic multiple dispenser - non-sterile tubess

Developed for plant science laboratories to minimize manual dispensing work

This system minimizes manual labor time, dispensing errors, and allows you to produce more media batches per day with your Lab Associates media preparator or any other media source via a peristaltic pump. It can be used to dispense any type of media (sterile/non-sterile) and with or without gelling agents.
You only need to put your trays of vessels or tube racks in the correct positions under the right dispensing head and select your dispensing program on the touchscreen to start dispensing. The system will automatically fill each rows of tubes or vessels with media. After all tubes or vessels have been filled, the dispensing head will return to its starting position.
This solution has been developed specifically for dispensing sterile plant media solutions with gelling agents such as agar and gellan gum with relatively high accuracy in tubes or vessels. However, the dispenser is also suitable for non-sterile media and media without gelling agents.

Technical specifications

  • Dispensing media in a pre-defined number of tubes/vessels/dishes at the same time
    • Controlled by the touch screen on the dispenser
    • Different consumable heights are possible with help of Z-axis
    • Range: 1-10 nozzles (based on requirements for dispensing speed, dispensing volume,
      consumable type)
  • Dispensing volumes
    • Time-based volume control
    • Smaller volumes: ca. 10 ml up to 100 ml
    • Larger volumes: ca. 100 ml up to 1000 ml
    • Accuracy: ±0.5 ml
  • System can be placed and fitted into a (existing) laminar air flow cabinet
  • Power supply
    • 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Suitable power plug type provided for your region
  • System cleaning
    • Automatic steam sterilization when connected to a Lab Associates media preparator (option 1)
    • Autoclave sterilization when using a peristaltic pump system (option 2)

Technical requirements

Option 1

  • Lab Associates media preparator
  • Air compressor: 125L/min, max pressure 8 bar

Option 2

  • Peristaltic pump (required specifications dependent on dispensing requirement(s))

Customization options

  • Quantity of dispensing nozzles (i.e. the number of tubes/vessels/dishes per row)
  • Position of dispensing nozzles
  • Quantity of racks/trays to dispense into per dispensing cycle
  • Dimensions of the system based on your tubes/vessels/dishes and storage racks/trays dimensions
  • Automation option with conveyor belt

See our dispenser in action here