Pipettors make it possible to aspirate a quantity of solution from a reservoir and to dispense it in the correct quantity over a microtitration test plate. We supply three different kinds of pipettors:

  • A hand pipettor
  • A combined transfer and pipettor unit
  • A universal multi pipettor

The hand pipettor lets you dispense a solution over a test plate with 100 or 96 positions. The pipettor has a shut-off cock at the top, making it very easy to clean. The combined transfer and pipettor unit provides a very efficient way to quickly transfer pressed juices and reagents. While pipetting the solution, the pipettors will maneuver through three stations. The first and second station are used for distribution, whereas the third is used for cleaning. Lastly, the universal multi pipettor is a high speed dispensing system. The pipettor will fill the plates automatically with a speed of less than one second per plate.

The Digital model of the Lab Associates glass bead sterilizer with digital temperature controller for easy sterilisation.

MEKU ELISA combined transfer and pipettor unit.

MEKU ELISA Hand pipetter

MEKU ELISA Hand pipettor.

MEKU Universal multipipetter E96

MEKU Universal multipipettor E96.