Establish a more automated dispensing process

The media preparation process is a very important part of the work in a plant tissue culture lab. However, it is also a very time consuming part due to the wide variety of culture vessels (for e.g. multiplication and rooting), as well as culture tubes (to e.g. grow single plantlets or store genetics) being used. The variety in shapes and formats of vessels and tubes make it difficult to make the media production process more efficient. Other key reasons for the large amount of time needed are slow autoclaves or mediaclaves and using manual or slow-working dispensing equipment (e.g. pipettes and peristaltic pumps). With our steam-driven ‘Premium’ media preparator a batch of media could already be produced in approximately 35-40 minutes.

The media dispensing process can be done more efficiently with our semi-automatic dispensing system for culture vessels and our automated dispensing system for culture tubes and conicals.

This semi-automatic dispensing system can be connected to our LAB19 and Premium media preparators and will therefore allow you to easily dispense the media that you have just produced into pre-sterilized culture vessels.

Semi-automatic dispenser with optical sensor

Automated steaming and semi-automatic dispensing

The dispensing system is able to automatically sterilize the dispensing tube with steam, before starting the dispensing process, as it communicates directly with the media preparator. Additionally, an optical eye sensor is used for dispensing the requested volume of media. The latter can be adjusted easily via the control display of the media preparator.

LA-Semi-automatic dispensing system - culture vessels