Premium media preparator - Lab Associates

Premium model

The steam-driven ‘Premium’ model is the fastest and most reliable large-volume media preparator on the market.

Lab19 media preparator - Lab Associates

LAB19 model

The ‘LAB19’ model is our basic large-volume media preparator, which focuses on one thing: producing high-quality media!

Research media preparator - Lab Associates

Research model

The ‘Research’ model is the perfect solution for fast, reliable and efficient production of smaller media batches.

Fast cycle

The fast heating and cooling cycle provides a high level of flexibility towards the media production. Our machines can be operated up to 6 times per 8 hour workshift.

High-quality media

The short heating cycle and therefore very fast sterilized medium will not only increase the resistance against diseases of your plantlets, but will also reduce the growth cycle time or increase the multiplication rate.

Reduced operational costs

Due to the fast cycle and high level of efficiency, cost benefits can be realized on human labor, media ingredients, energy, water consumption, etc. .

Low maintenance

We only use the highest quality components to assure low maintenance and extensive life cycle of the machines.


The high-resolution touchscreen assures a very easy operation of the machine, including a high level of data traceability.

Touch screen

PLC panel

High quality 5", 7" or 10" HD capacitive glass touch screen, with user friendly layout including among others graphical representation of batch data.

Certified parts

Our machines are being manufactured making use of high quality and certified components. Different types of certifications are possible on request.

High quality components
Magnetic stirring mechanism

Magnetic stirring mechanism

Our different stirring mechanisms (basic or advanced) all focus on good mixing of your media recipes in all stages of the process (heating, sterilizing, cooling, and dispensing).

Key differences between our media preparator models

Max volume 50, 70, 100 and 150L 50, 70, 100 and 150L 20 and 30L
Heating process Steam Hot water/steam Hot water
Cycle time * ca. 30 - 40 min ca. 50 - 60 min ca. 40-50 min
Stirring mechanism Advanced Basic rectangular bar Advanced
Error detection basic Yes
Error detection extended Yes No Optional
Touch screen control panel 10" HD capacitive glass 5" HD capacitive glass 7" HD capacitive glass
Adjustable media programs Yes No Yes
pH check Yes No Yes
Graphical representation** Yes
History overview*** Yes
4G / wifi connection Optional
Ethernet connection Optional
Administration access Optional

* Cycle time from 60° C, 15 minutes of sterilization at 121° C and back to 60° C depeding on media vessel volume and capacity usage. Estimated time is based on media vessel volume and max capacity usage.
** Graphical representation of temperature (All models) and pressures (Premium only).
*** Overview of historical process data (up to 4 weeks)

Media production comparison between media preparator and autoclave

Media preparator + 'plastic' culture vessels Autoclave + glass jars
Reduce operational costs
Initial investment
Labor intensity
Media quality
Automation level
Machine life cycle
Machine reliability
Re-usable cultivation vessels
Process data traceability