Pressure cooker and canner

This Presto® pressure cooker and canner is a perfect budget solution for preparing media and sterilizing equipment. 23-Quart liquid capacity (21.8 liters).

Note: This pressure canner is designed for use on household range burners of 12,000 BTUs or less.

Induction compatible Presto pressure cooker canner

Induction compatible

This pressure cooker is also available induction-compatible. This version has an stainless steel-clad base construct for fast, even heating.

Note: May not work on all portable induction ranges.

Easy-to-read gauge

The easy-to-read gauge automatically registers a complete range of processing pressures.

Pressure measurer for Presto's Pressure Canner and Cooker 23-Quart for quick and easy sterilization.
Cooking/canning rack


Cooking/canning rack and instruction/recipe book included.