Not only the environment and vessels are important while working in plant tissue culture and seed laboratories. Which instruments and tools you use throughout the processes are important too. Many of these tools are therefore available for sale at Lab Associates.

We provide various scalpel blades that can be used to cut plant tissue. These blades are available in carbon or stainless steel and packed individually for sterile blades from Swann-Morton and bulk packed for non-sterile blades from Vandersluys Instruments. Common available blade types are:

  • #11
  • #11P
  • #10 / #10A
  • #12
  • #13
  • #21
  • #23
  • and many more

VDS #11 carbon blade

Vandersluys Instruments #11 carbon blade.

VDS #11P stainless steel blade

Vandersluys Instruments #11P stainless steel blade.

VDS #11 carbon steel box

Vandersluys Instruments #11 carbon steel box.

Additional scalpel blade holders and removers can be bought, suitable for all blades. Common available holder types are:

  • #7L (length 20.5 cm)
  • #7 (length 16.5 cm)
  • #3 (length 12.5 cm)
  • #4 (length 13.5 cm)

Scalpel blade scalpel holders

Scalpel blade scalpel holders #3, 4, 7 and 7L.

Scalpel blade remover

The Lab Associates scalpel blade remover is made of stainless steel and perfect to remove scalpel blades from the holders.


We can also supply many different kind of forceps, giving our customers the option to choose from different models, lengths and sizes. Common available forceps types are:

  • Standard, straight tip, 15 cm
  • Standard, straight tip, 23 cm
  • Standard, straight tip, 25 cm
  • Waugh, straight tip, 20 cm
  • Brophy, straight tip, 30 cm
  • Brophy, curved tip, 30 cm
  • Potts Smith, straight tip, 20 cm
  • Potts Smith, straight tip, 25 cm
  • Potts Smith, curved tip, 20 cm
  • Potts Smith, curved tip, 25 cm
  • Semken, straight tip, 15 cm
  • Semken, curved tip, 12 cm
  • and more

We have a wide variety of forceps available with different lenghts, tip sizes and tip shapes.


Other tools that cannot be left out are spoons and spatulas. Spoons are a necessary equipment in every laboratory because they can be used for different solutions and substances that cannot be transferred by hand. At Lab Associates we provide various spoons for different purposes. Our spoons and spatulas vary from flat to curved and from long to short. We also sell a selection of scissors for different hand sizes and lengths.

Please contact our sales team for more product and pricing information.

Stainless steel support for forceps

This stainless steel support is a useful laboratory tool. It eases working with instruments in plant tissue culture laboratories and is available at Lab Associates.