Drastically lower your production costs and increase the quality of your plantlets!

The Lab Associates media preparator has been developed with over 30 years of experience in the field of plant tissue culture. Some of the largest PTC laboratories in the world are using our media preparator to gain a competitive advantage.

Our new steam-driven ‘Premium’ media preparator is the fastest and most reliable large-volume media preparator on the market with its very short cycle time of only 30 minutes on a stand-alone basis1. This means that considerably less vitamins, minerals and other nutrition for your plantlets will be lost during the sterilization process. This results in a very high quality agar medium.

Your plantlets will be better resistant against diseases and their grow cycle time will be shorter or the multiplication factor will be higher. Furthermore, you can save money on ingredients as well, because much less agar, hormones and sugars will be burned, thanks to the shorter sterilization time.

Lab Associates Media Preperators

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About Lab Associates

Lab Associates has itself specialized as a global supplier for plant tissue culture and seed laboratories over the last 30 years. We can fully supply and stock any lab from start-ups to large scale production or R&D labs. Our products range covers equipment, cultivation consumables, biochemicals, media, gelling agents, and general supplies. Services we offer are: maintenance and repair, custom manufacturing, logistics, stock management, projects, lab start-up, and consultancy and training.

1 Cycle time from 60° Celsius, 15 minutes of sterilization at 121° and back to 60°.